Absolutely! We work with sellers of all sizes. No order is too small for us to handle. We will happily walk you through any part of the process that you are unfamiliar with.
Yes we do! At this time we only have grade level loading capabilities and require lift gates on pickup/delivery. There is no charge for receiving pallets.
Poly bags will require a Suffocation Warning label if the opening of the bag is 5” or greater.
Your Amazon bound shipping labels will be generated and paid for in your Seller Central account. You will be eligible for significantly discounted shipping rates when selecting Amazon’s Partnered Carrier, UPS. You can expect between $0.30 and $0.50 per pound for a small parcel shipment. Amazon-Partnered LTL shipments also receive special discounts. Rates vary drastically by each shipment. Typical savings are approximately 20% off standard freight fees.
Pacific Prep Services staff adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy. In conjunction with this policy, we can assure you our Amazon seller status will never compete with yours. We take great honor in being of service to you.
LTL (less than a truckload) shipments are palletized and offer significant savings and stability for particularly heavy shipments. Our palletizing fees are $15.00 per pallet, which includes an Amazon compliant pallet, professional pallet assembly and wrap, and application of your pallet labels. LTL shipments can be no more than 1500 pounds, must be less than 72” in height, and no more than 48 x 40 inches. Small parcel shipments are loose, single cartons that will be individually handled.
We offer short-term storage and long term storage under very limited conditions. Orders undergoing General Processing & Handling receive a 14 day grace period following processing. Forward Only orders are offered a 3-day grace period following arrival . Our storage rates are calculated at $5.00 per week for 10 or fewer cartons, $10.00 per week for 11-20 cartons and $20.00 per week for 21 or more cartons or per pallet. Long-term storage needs are offered on a very limited basis. Please inquire as to our ability to assist.
We accept payment through PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer. Service fees apply.
We should never be listed as the “consignee” of your shipment. You, the importer, are the consignee and the “bill to” party.
Amazon enforces a 25 inch maximum carton measurement for all cartons, a 50 lb maximum weight limit for all cartons and a 150 maximum quantity restriction on all inbound case-packed items. Individually assembled shipments do not need to adhere to a quantity restriction so long as the weight and measurement restrictions are met.
Air Express shipments valued below $2500 will generally be “batch cleared” by your Express carrier, and therefore be granted “informal entry”, bypassing a customs broker. Cargo exceeding $2500 in commercial value will require the services of a customs broker. We do not offer brokerage services, but can recommend a reliable company at your request.
All products need to disclose a visible “Country of Origin” label to be in compliance of U.S. Customs Requirements. Shipping cartons also need to display a Country of Origin disclosure to be in compliance of U.S. Customs Requirements. The requirement for Amazon will vary based on your product’s category.
Amazon will distribute your shipment(s) based on Amazon’s disbursement matrix. For an additional per-unit fee paid to Amazon, you have the option to change your account settings to enable placement into only one Amazon-chosen warehouse. This option can be changed between shipments.
Typically shipments are processed in 24-48 hours from time of receipt.
All items ordered online and sent directly to us will be Tax Free! It’s a great way to offset our prep cost! Here’s an example. Let’s say you spend $5,000 a month ordering from online vendors. Let’s assume your average buy price is $15. That means you purchase about 333 items per month. With the average tax rate being about 7%, that means your tax savings would be about $350. If all these items were standard size, your prep cost would be $333, which means you’re basically utilizing free labor to help scale your business!
We do. This allows us to work in the most optimal manner. You will still create all shipping plans. However, having User Permissions access will allow us to print our own product labels, enter weight, print shipping labels, then complete shipment. Which means your items will get shipped out a lot quicker.
Yes, absolutely! Just give us a heads up and we will take care of it.
Fill out this form or send us an e-mail at contact@pacificprepservices.com